Hi I’m Candy and welcome to my website.

I’m obsessed with the bad girls you see in the movies. They are so hot, so sexy and so dangerous! I mean seriously, what’s not to like???

Sure I like other types of movies too, especially Adam Sandler comedies and old school Sci-Fi movies like the original Star Wars trilogy and things like Blade Runner. But in the end it’s flicks with bad ass chicks in them that really get me going!

That’s why I started this site – to talk about movie bad girls, and bad girls in general, and just share my thoughts on life in the big city as I please! It’s fun and I plan to keep it updated with new posts in the near future, I’ve just been really busy and this site has unfortunately not been updated as much as I would like – but oh well – life goes on…

I hope you enjoy your stay here on my little site and be sure to vote for your very own favorite movie bad girl in my little poll that I posted here.