badgirlwithagatOne thing many men have asked me over the years is how they can draw out the inner “bad girl” in thee women that they date, or even in their girlfriends or wives. Certainly, bad girls are sexy and exciting, so it only makes sense that guys would want to connect with this side of the women in their lives.

My answer is to bring out the bad girl in her by showing her the bad boy inside of you! Makes sense doesn’t it? You see, women are attracted to bad-boy types because these guys are exciting and a little bit dangerous. Who knows why exactly, but guys who give off that sexy bad boy vibe just seem to automatically bring out the naughty side in women.

If you are a man who is unsure on how to unleash his inner bad boy, don’t worry, books like the classic “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert Glover, and more recent programs like Carlos Xuma’s Bad Boy Formula exist to help guys like yourself to become the bad boy you were always meant to be!

That being said, perhaps I should clarify the point that being a bad boy does not mean being a jerk or mistreating women in any way! Oh heck no!

On the contrary, being a bad boy is really about respecting women more, by not trying to trick them into thinking you are some fake nice guy dweeb. What women really want is a bad boy with a heart. A tough guy, who doesn’t take any crap, but who treats the people he cares about with gentleness and care… The kind of guy happy to climb a tree to save a baby kitten and do all that cute stuff that makes women’s hearts melt.

On this note it is important to state that one of the best ways to show a woman that you care for her is by taking the time to truly listen to what she has to sayÖ

Listen, if you’ve ever wondered how you can be more successful in your relationships or your dates then you definitely need to consider whether you have been listening to her enough.

If there is one thing that we know about women, it is that they love to talk, be heard, and have their opinions/thoughts/feelings validated.

Without a doubt, doing this is sure to earn you some extra points from your lady’s point of view. But how exactly can you pull this off? Well, with women, you have to understand that details are everything. If you see the big picture, women see the tiny details that men often miss or are simply oblivious to.

First, start by asking a woman how her day went. Take note not to interrupt but to pay attention to every detail and start asking follow-up questions thereafter. Agree when she is expressing her thoughts and feelings; but it might be best to state opposing feelings or thoughts only if she demands for it. Otherwise, it could simply spell disaster or trigger an unnecessary argument.

The truth is that the key to effective communication ñ and not just between men and women ñ its really taking the time to listen and not just hear what the other person is saying. Try it out and let us know what you think.